Life is a journey and it's about growing and changing and coming to terms with who and what you are and loving who and what you are.

Kelly McGillis


Awards & Publications


The Weather Channel Winter picture exhibition.

January 2017

August 2016


Here Now: Rutgers 250 anniversary multimedia publication event.


Rutgers Zimmerli Museum picture exhibition.

January 2016


Photo Cover of Rutgers Federal Credit Union Annual Report.

December 2015


NBC Channel New York, Fall pictures exhibition.

October 2015


Winner of the 2015 Rutgers Federal Credit Union Photography Contest.

October 2015

Hobbies & Interests

Painting & Digital Painting.

(Pencil drawing, Oil painting and also Digital painting on IPad Pro using Adobe Illustrator Draw and Procreate.)

Landscape, Travel, Architecture and Portrait Photography.

(Pro level at using Nikon and Canon DSLR Cameras, Prime automatic or manual lenses, Studio lights, GoPro Cameras, DJI Phantom series also pro level at RAW editing with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop.)


(I interested in all type of electronics and mechanic gadgets and its a very expensive hobby)


(I love Andrei Tarkovsky, Nuri Bilge CeylanTerrence Malick, Christopher Nolan etc. films and prepearing to make my own short film.)


(Currently learning Java and Python)

Automotive Technology.

(I studied in technical and industrial vocational high school for automotive industry, so I can troubleshoot and fix most of the problems.)


(I got second place in billiard tournament at Ale 'N 'Wich Pub.)



Ericsson (6 Months contract)

W10 Deployment Engineer

SEPTEMBER 2018 - PRESENT, Istanbul, Turkey.

Rutgers University - SNAP-Ed & EFNEP 
IT Assistant (Part-Time) / Secretarial Assistant 
JANUARY 2011 - JUNE 2012, New Brunswick, NJ.

Damla Catering (Family owned business)
General Manager
APRIL  2005 - JANUARY 2007, Istanbul, Turkey.

Kismet Limousine
IT Support Specialist
SEPTEMBER  2007 - JANUARY 2011, Teaneck, NJ.

Rutgers University - SNAP-Ed & EFNEP
Unit Computing Specialist / Web Designer
JUNE 2012 -  JANUARY 2017, New Brunswick, NJ.

Istanbul American Schools
IT Specialist / Web Designer
APRIL 2018 - MAY 2018, Istanbul, Turkey.

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